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Same Day Auto Repair has been a part of our Sand Springs, OK and Tulsa, OK and Bixby, OK community for many years. We take pride in serving and giving you with a simple, professional and hassle-free tire and automotive experience.

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    When your Bixby transmission is whining and clunking, you need to see the Bixby transmission specialists at Same Day. You're headed to the Jandebeurs Motor Sports Track for a night of fun when you hear…

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  • Blow Out | Tulsa Tires

    If you need care, repair, or new Tulsa tires, see the experts in Tulsa tires at Same Day. You're driving along to the Drillers game when, suddenly, you hear a pop and one side of…

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  • Dead Car? | Sand Springs Auto Repair

    When your car won't start and you need a Sand Springs auto repair expert, call the Sand Springs auto repair technicians at Same Day. It always seems to happen when you're heading some place important,…

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