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Same Day Auto Repair
  • Types of Alignment

  • There are three different types of alignment that need to be checked and adjusted during a service.
  • Caster is the angle of your steering axis when you look at it from the side of the car. The caster angle affects cornering, stability, and steering.
  • Camber refers to the outward or inward tilt of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Camber misalignment can be caused by worn ball joints, bearings, or other suspension parts.
  • Toe alignment is how much the tires point outward or inward when viewed from above. Inward or outward toe alignment can affect your vehicle’s handling.

Fast, Reliable Alignments at Same Day Auto

Don’t leave your car at the dealership all day for alignment service. At Same Day Auto, we get you in and out as quickly as we can, and our Hassle-Free pledge means your service will be simple and straightforward.

Whether you have 4WD, AWD, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive, we can handle your front end alignment. We have 6 locations around Tulsa, OK that can get your vehicle taken care of quickly and professionally. Contact your nearest location today to make an appointment for alignment service.