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Tune Ups

Tune-Ups/ Scheduled Maintenance

Tune Ups

The best way to prevent expensive vehicle repairs is to get regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance. They’re the perfect opportunity to find and fix minor problems before they become big problems. 

However often your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends scheduled maintenance, let the experienced professionals at Same Day Auto handle it. 

Why Are Tune-Ups and Scheduled Maintenance Important?

There are several reasons you shouldn’t delay the scheduled maintenance services on your vehicle, including:

  • May be required for your vehicle’s warranty. For some cars, doing scheduled maintenance is a requirement to keep your warranty in good standing. You never know when you’ll need your warranty, so make sure it’s valid by doing your scheduled maintenance. 
  • Preserves your vehicle’s resale value. This may be less important if you plan to keep your car for many years or pass it on to your kids, but if you ever plan to sell your car, doing scheduled maintenance can help your car’s resale value.
  • It’s an important diagnostic tool. Scheduled maintenance spots minor issues before they have a chance to turn into larger, more expensive problems.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you often your car needs scheduled maintenance. Stick with the recommendations as much as you can to help your car run at its best. 

Trusted Tune-Ups and Scheduled Maintenance

You don’t need to go to your dealership for scheduled maintenance to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. Same Day Auto is faster and more convenient than your dealership and won’t void your warranty. 

All 6 of our Tulsa, OK locations have expert technicians to handle your truck, SUV, or car’s scheduled maintenance and tune-ups. Contact your closest location today to schedule an appointment.