Same Day Auto Repair
  • Is it time for new tires?

  • There are several signs that your car tires need to be replaced, including:
  • – Tread depth of less than 4/32”
  • – You can see the top of Lincoln’s head when you place an upside-down penny in the treads
  • – You can see four or more tread wear indicators on your tires
  • – You’ve had the same tires for more than 6 years
  • – Any of your tires have cracks, bulges, or separations

Same Day Auto for New Tires

With hassle-free service from Same Day Auto in Tulsa, OK, you can quickly get new tires and be on your way with a minimum impact on your schedule. Our trusted experts can inspect your vehicle’s tires and make a recommendation based on your driving habits and budget.

Your time and safety are our priorities. Contact your local Same Day Auto to make an appointment for new car, SUV, or truck tires. We have 6 locations around Tulsa to serve you.

Call our store managers for some one-on-one tire advice or Order Online.