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Coolant Systems

What’s Involved with Radiator Repair or Coolant Service?

Your radiator and cooling system have various parts. Depending on what parts are affected, you’ll need a different type of service.

  • Parts Involved In The Cooling System

  • While coolant refers specifically to the fluid that keeps the engine lubricated and cool, the cooling system includes several different parts, including:
  • – Radiator
  • – Hoses
  • – Water pump
  • – Thermostat
  • – Coolant/antifreeze
  • Coolant is made from a 50/50 mix of ethylene or propylene glycol and water.
  • Types Of Coolant Services

  • In many cases, a simple coolant drain and fill may be all your vehicle needs. The old antifreeze is drained out and replaced with fresh coolant. A simple drain and fill may not remove all the debris and buildup from your cooling system, though.
  • Another option is a coolant flush service. Rather than letting gravity remove the antifreeze, a chemical is added to your coolant and flushed through your system with a powerful machine, which helps remove debris.
  • If you have a radiator leak, damaged radiator hose, or other parts that are worn out, your coolant system may need service or repairs, too.

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