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Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Today’s auto electrical systems are complicated and require the help of a trained technician to find and solve problems. Electrical issues can range from small issues with easy solutions to a car-crippling malfunction. Like any problem, time tends to make problems worse, so don’t hesitate to bring your car in to get the electrical system checked out. 

The trusted professional technicians at Same Day Auto are trained to find and fix all sorts of electrical problems, so make an appointment today.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Electrical System Needs Help

The electrical system of your vehicle is primarily composed of the starter, battery, and alternator. Problems with any of these parts can make it difficult or even impossible to start your vehicle. 

Here are a few clues that there is a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system:

  • Clicking, grinding, or no sound when you try to start your engine
  • Vehicle headlights dim when you drive at low speeds
  • Check battery light is on
  • Starter cranks slower than usual

Reliable Electrical Systems Service

Whatever electrical system issue your vehicle is having, the experts at each of Same Day Auto’s 6 Tulsa locations can find and fix the problem with our hassle-free pledge. We want to finish your truck, SUV, or car’s service quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your schedule. 

Find your nearest Same Day Auto location now and make an appointment to get your electrical system checked out.