Same Day Auto Repair
Complete Safety Analysis

The Importance of Car Safety Checks

Our complete safety analysis allows our expert technicians to find minor issues that could become large problems if they’re neglected, keeping you safe and preventing larger expenses in the future.

  • What’s Included In The Complete Safety Analysis?

  • Every vehicle that comes into Same Day Auto for service receives a free car safety inspection. The 30-point inspection includes a status report on the following components and systems:
  • – Tires
  • – Brakes
  • – Axle shafts & boots/U-joints
  • – Suspension
  • – Steering system
  • – Struts and shocks
  • – Exhaust system
  • – Differential fluids and leaks
  • – Drive belts
  • – Transmission
  • – Cooling system
  • – Engine and transmission leaks
  • – Battery and cables
  • – Tune-up components
  • – Air, fuel, and cabin filters
  • – Engine oil
  • – All lighting systems
  • – Wiper blades
  • – Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Car Maintenance Before Your Road Trip

  • You don’t have to wait for your next service to get a car safety inspection. Avoid potential problems on your vacation by getting a safety analysis on your vehicle first, where we’ll do things like:
  • – Check and top up your fluid levels
  • – Look for leaking fluids
  • – Test your headlights
  • – Check your tire pressure and tread depth
  • – Inspect your tires for cracks, cuts, or other problems

Reliable Safety Checks at Same Day Auto in Tulsa, OK

At Same Day Auto, our goal is to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Every time you bring your vehicle in for service, we’ll give it a complimentary 30-point complete safety analysis to find small issues before they become big problems.

Our Hassle-Free Pledge means we respect your time and want to make the process as easy as possible. With online appointment booking and financing available for large repairs, we do everything we can to make your vehicle’s service and repair needs as easy as possible.

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