Are you driving to the Tulsa zoo for some winter fun? Or perhaps for an important business meeting in Oklahoma City. Whatever be the reason for your road trip, remember that just because you are out of your usual routine does not mean you should neglect your car’s maintenance needs.

To ensure your safety and comfort, here are some essential services you must have from your trusted local auto repair shop before you hit the road and drive hundreds of miles.

Steering and Suspension Check:

Loose steering parts, damaged tires, worn-out shocks, and struts could distort your plan and make a bumpy ride not so fun.

Driving on the road for hours makes your car’s suspension system work very hard. It is especially true if you are going on an interstate highway or rural roads that haven’t been well maintained. With a worn-out steering and suspension system, you might have a problem controlling your vehicle while the wind is pushing it or when encountering some bumps on the road.

An inspection from Same Day Auto Repair will ensure that your vehicle performs at its best for the ride ahead. 

Checking the Tire and Alignment:

Getting a flat tire on a highway is a nightmare. To help prevent this disaster, have your tires inspected and aligned periodically, including the spare.

A tire inspection could help you discover something wrong with your tires. The mechanic will check the condition of your tires and see if they need to be replaced, balanced and inflated, or rotated and aligned. A four-wheel alignment check ensures that your car’s wheels are appropriately aligned and pointing in the right direction. It also helps to improve gas mileage, maintain tire life, and produce a smoother ride.

A simple tire inspection from our trained Tulsa-based technicians could save you from losing control of your vehicle on the highway or spending hundreds fixing unexpected damage to your tires or suspension system.

Check Your Brakes:

When talking of essential car services in Oklahoma, don’t forget the brakes. As with other car parts, your braking system is your car’s most critical safety feature and should be kept in tip-top condition. You may never know when you will have to stop suddenly to avoid an accident.

Having your brake pads, brake fluids, brake lines, hydraulic hoses, or rotors inspected and serviced at one of our 7 convenient locations ensures quality and comfortable braking performance before you set off with your loved ones.

Battery  Inspection:

If you plan on traveling away from home for a few days, you might want to check the charge of your car’s battery. A dead or dying battery limits your travel range and could leave you stranded in an emergency. Therefore, it is advisable to have an appointment with an auto repair technician to inspect, test, or replace your car’s battery. 

Replace Wiper Blades:

Checking your car’s wiper blades and replacing them when necessary ensure that your windshield is adequately cleared during snowfalls or heavy downpours. It’s not ideal to be stuck on the road because of poor visibility due to non-functional windshield wiper blades. You might miss the turn and end up crashing into an obstacle. Or worse still, hurt someone or cause an accident.

Cooling System Inspection:

Your car’s cooling system is constantly working to keep the engine at a safe operating temperature. However, overheated engines could stop your vehicle abruptly and cause extensive damage. It could also lead to worse problems, such as cracked cylinder heads and blown head gaskets. Therefore, it would be wise to let an automotive technician check your engine’s cooling system before planning a long road trip.

Exhaust System Check:

If you never thought of checking your car’s exhaust system, it is time you did. A faulty exhaust system means poor acceleration, fuel economy, high emissions, and a noisy ride.

Inspecting your car’s exhaust system helps you find out if there is a leak in the system polluting the environment with hazardous fumes. Moreover, it also lets you determine how much wear and tear your car’s muffler has sustained and what other auto repair or replacements are needed.

A Word of Caution:

Do not ignore the seemingly simple maintenance tasks that could make your car run smoother and safer. Remember that performing these simple checks can give you that extra boost of confidence when you are ready for a long drive with no worries of encountering unexpected problems along the way. 

While taking your car to the mechanic may cost more than doing it yourself at home, our advice is better to be safe than sorry.


So before you get ready to travel in style and comfort, make a checklist of things that need to be checked on your vehicle. And let your trusted Same Day Auto Repair shop in Tulsa inspect your car for any potential problems that may cause you to break down along the way. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your vehicle has all the essentials to get you safely from point A to B.

Happy Road Tripping!