When your car makes funny noises, you need a Sand Springs auto repair expert like the Sand Springs auto repair pros at Same Day.

You first noticed that noise when you were on your way to the Renaissance Festival. It was kind of a low-pitched humming. You’re not sure whether it’s anything serious or not.

Bankrate.com notes that noises are “just a part of operating a vehicle.” But, Bankrate also notes that not all noises are “normal” and some can indicate that something is seriously wrong.

You should not ignore certain thumping, banging, clicking and squealing sounds. These sounds often rear their heads or intensify whenever the driver takes specific actions such as stepping on the accelerator, depressing the brake pedal or turning the steering wheel sharply,” Bankrate says.

Listen for odd noises and take your car to a Sand Springs auto repair specialist if you hear them. As Bankrate says, “Ignoring the symptom won’t make the problem magically go away. Delay can provide the time for a problem to worsen, and that usually translates into a bigger and more expensive repair.”

That low-pitched humming, for example, could have a number of causes from a failing transmission to a bad wheel bearing. A Sand Springs auto repair expert can find and fix the problem.

When it comes to needing a Sand Springs auto repair technician, the place to look is Same Day Auto Repair.

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