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Miserably Hot | Tulsa Auto Care

Driving is miserable in hot weather when your auto air conditioner isn’t working. It’s time to call the Tulsa auto care specialists at Same Day. You went over to Woodland Hills Mall yesterday to start shopping for back-to-school clothes for the kids. You didn’t realize it was barbershop music appreciation day but that turned out…
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Cool Down | Bixby Auto Repair

When your auto air is not working, it’s time to find a Bixby auto repair pro like the Bixby auto repair specialists at Same Day to help you cool off. Summer is not officially here for another couple of days, but no one told Tulsa’s weather that. If it weren’t for the rain, temperatures would…
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Keep Cool | Sand Springs Auto Repair

When you need a Sand Springs auto repair technician to repair your auto air conditioner, look no further than the Sand Springs auto repair pros at Same Day. You’ve been looking for something different to do this weekend. You’ve decided you’ll either stick around town for the scavenger hunt or you’ll pile the kids and…
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