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Tropical Heat Wave | Sand Springs Auto Care

When your auto air conditioner isn’t cooling you off, it’s time to see the reliable Sand Springs auto care technicians at Same Day. Tulsa, like much of the rest of the country, is suffering under a heat wave. In fact, the National Weather Service has issued an “excessive heat warning” for eastern Oklahoma today. Health…
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Summer Is Here | Berryhill Auto Care

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to get a Berryhill auto care technician to check out your auto air conditioning. It’s official – summer started yesterday. That means hot temperatures and road trips to places like Turner Falls Park to cool down with a quick swim. But even if you cool off with…
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Cool Down | Bixby Auto Repair

When your auto air is not working, it’s time to find a Bixby auto repair pro like the Bixby auto repair specialists at Same Day to help you cool off. Summer is not officially here for another couple of days, but no one told Tulsa’s weather that. If it weren’t for the rain, temperatures would…
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