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Stopping Power | Bixby Auto Repair

If your brakes aren’t working and you need a Bixby auto repair expert, call the Bixby auto repair technicians at Same Day. You were coming back from the Tulsa Tough races when you noticed it. You pressed on the brake pedal and everything seemed okay, then the brake pedal started sinking. Because it didn’t seem…
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Stop Here | Berryhill Brakes

When you're searching for someone to care for your Berryhill brakes, call the specialists in Berryhill brakes at Same Day. You were looking forward to a trip to the Tulsa Bead Market today, but now you're wondering if that's such a great idea. When you were headed home last night, your car started squealing the…
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Mushy Brake Pedal | Berryhill Brakes

When your Berryhill brakes need repair, call on the experts in Berryhill brakes at Same Day. When you were driving home from the buckskin championships you noticed that your brake pedal seemed a bit mushy. Now you're wondering if you should have someone look at your brakes. Well, yes, you should. As points out,…
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