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Fix a Flat | Bixby Tires

When one of your Bixby tires goes flat, you need the professionals in Bixby tires at Same Day to help you get back on the road. It’s definitely not shaping up to be a good day. You came out to go to work and found…your car has a flat tire. You’re lucky because you have […]

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Getting Started | Tulsa Fuel Pump

When your Tulsa fuel pump needs repair or replacement, you need the certified auto repair experts at Same Day Auto Repair. You had your Thanksgiving eve all planned out. You were going to start the day with a quick trip to the zoo to help tire the kids out before braving the grocery store to […]

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Leaky Transmission | Tulsa Transmission

When your Tulsa transmission needs help, you need the Tulsa auto repair experts at Same Day Auto. As you pulled out of your driveway this morning, you noticed a small puddle. You stopped to take a look and found bright red fluid on the ground. You were planning to go to the Tulsa Veterans Day […]

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AAA approved repair facility | Tulsa Auto Repair

AAA members get a discount on their Tulsa oil change and other Tulsa auto care at Same Day, the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma. You were headed home from the paint horse Congress when you noticed your oil change light had come on. You’d like to ignore the pesky light because […]

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Oh, No! | Tulsa Check Engine Light

When your Tulsa check engine light comes on, you need the diagnostic experts at Same Day Auto to help you find out what’s wrong. You were headed home last night from a fun dog night at the Tulsa Botanic Gardens when you saw it – the dreaded “check engine” light had come on. It was […]

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Click…Click…Click | Tulsa Battery

When your Tulsa car battery needs replacing, you need the auto repair experts at Same Day. Your car seemed fine when you got home from trick or treating last night. But when you went out to go to work this morning, it wouldn’t start. All you got was that click…click…click that means your battery is […]

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