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Used Tires | Sand Springs Tires

Used Tires | Sand Springs Tires

 When you need Sand Springs tire care, tire repair, or tire replacement, talk with the experts in Sand Springs tires at Same Day.

You just happened to glance at your tires when you were getting in the car to go to work this morning. You knew it had been awhile since you got new tires, but you didn’t expect to see bald spots and some of the steel belting peeking through the smooth rubber in places.

No way around it – you need new tires. But it’s definitely NOT a good time (is it ever?) to buy four new tires. You’ve got the holidays coming up with all those added expenses and, with the kids in school, you’ve got sports fees and other activities to pay for. You’re wondering if you can just get a nice set of used tires to tide you over until your cash situation improves.

Maybe you could. But the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association says that’s a really bad idea. Why? Because you can’t tell by looking at a used tire whether it has any defects or other problems. At best, it’s a risky proposition, the Association says. And you might not have to drive all that far – just to Guthrie Green for Food Truck Wednesday – for those tires to fail.

The Association explains:

“Once a tire has been mounted on a vehicle and driven, it’s considered a used tire. Once a used tire is resold as a replacement, it’s a risky proposition for motorists. While new tires must meet stringent federal safety standards to be sold in the U.S., worn tires can be resold as used with virtually no restrictions.

Used tires come with many unknowns. How was it used? Was it stored properly? Was it safely maintained? Was it ever repaired? Every variable has a major impact on driver safety. Damaged or improperly maintained tires are outright dangerous to all drivers. …

“You might think you can spot a damaged tire by sight, but you can’t. For example, you can only see damage or improper repairs to a tire’s inner liner after demounting it from the wheel. Even then, only a qualified service professional can make that determination.”

Your better bet is to work with a pro in Sand Springs tires to find a set that fits your budget and driving needs. You can find experts in Sand Springs tires at Same Day Auto Repair. Same Day carries all brands, sizes and style of tire to fit any driving need, budget, or car. 

Same Day is an AAA-approved auto repair facility. Same Day is the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma and has been for years. AAA members get a 10 percent discount on labor.

Same Day is the trusted locally owned service center for Sand Springs tires, auto repair and auto care. Same Day has five conveniently located Tulsa auto care and auto repair centers to help you – BerryhillSheridanBixbySand Springs, and Southern Hills. For the best local Tulsa auto care and auto repair, call Same Day. Call today.

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