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Traveling Companion | Berryhill Auto Air

Traveling Companion | Berryhill Auto Air

The Berryhill auto air experts at Same Day can help you when your Berryhill auto air conditioning needs repair.

One of the great things about dogs is their enthusiasm for going places. Not only are they generally happy to jump in the car and take a ride, it’s fun for their human companions and one of the many perks of dog ownership. But taking your dog – or other pet – places can be dangerous for your four-legged buddy. That’s true even if you’re going to a pet friendly location like a park.

And it’s especially true if you decide to leave your pet in the car while you run inside some place even if it’s “just for a couple of minutes.”  Every year, dogs, other pets and even children die because they’ve been left locked in a car.

But, you may think, what if I leave the auto air conditioning on and the engine running? Surely that’s okay.

Well, no, it isn’t, according to “Air conditioner compressors and car engines fail, and dogs knock into and inadvertently press and hit buttons and switches. Sadly there are plenty of cases of dogs dying when the car air conditioner failed or a dog bumped into and switched off the air conditioner. …

“Many of these sad cases involved police dogs who were in K9 patrol cars with back-up alarms and other fail safe mechanisms…

“If it can happen in these scenarios, you’d be kidding yourself to think that it couldn’t happen to your dog and in your car. So while leaving your car air conditioner running can help to protect your dog from heat stroke, it can also provide a false sense of security and it can even backfire.”

So, don’t leave your dog, cat, bird, child, or any live creature locked in a car without supervision.

But you also do not want to ignore your Berryhill auto air conditioning because you want it to work while you’re driving. It’s a matter of safety and comfort for you and your passengers – human or animal.

And the best way to make sure your Berryhill auto air is working at peak performance is to take it to Same Day Auto Repair to have the Berryhill auto air conditioning specialists check out your Berryhill auto air conditioning.

Same Day is an AAA-approved auto repair facility. Same Day is the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma and has been for years. AAA members get a 10 percent discount on labor.

Same Day is the trusted locally owned service center for Tulsa auto air and repair. Same Day has five conveniently located Tulsa auto air and repair service centers to help you – Berryhill, SheridanBixbySand Springs, and Southern Hills. For the best local Tulsa auto air and auto repair, call Same Day. Call today.


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