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Squeak! | Bixby Brakes

When you need an expert in Bixby brakes, you need the Bixby brake professionals at Same Day. You were planning to give your dog a real treat this weekend by taking him to the Dog Days of Winter event at the Tulsa Botanical Garden. But now you're wondering if you should take your car to…
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Whoa! | Tulsa Brakes

When your Tulsa brakes aren't working, you need the Tulsa auto repair specialists at Same Day. Your mind was wandering while you were driving home from a bit of ice skating yesterday. Then you happened to look up and saw that stop sign. You slammed on your brakes, but your car didn't stop as quickly as you expected. It…
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Stop! | Tulsa Brakes

If your Tulsa brakes don't stop you, you need to consult Same Day Auto, the experts in Tulsa brakes. With Thanksgiving just a week away and the Christmas holidays soon to follow, you're beginning to think about decorating your home. Of course, that means you're planning on going to the Fall Home Expo this weekend.…
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