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Cold Start | Tulsa Battery

Cold Start | Tulsa Battery

If your car won’t start, it could be your Tulsa battery. You need the Tulsa battery specialists at Same Day.

You’re headed to an Oilers game and you’re running a bit late. You dash out to your car and turn it on and you don’t go anywhere. You have a dead battery.

You’re probably not alone. It’s been cold in Tulsa recently and, as reports, “It is a fact of life: cold weather is a battery killer.”

There may have been some indication that your battery was about to fail – you hear a grinding or clicking sound when you turn on the car, your car is slow to start, your headlights dim when idling but brighten when you apply the gas, or your battery is more than three years old. But some of those are subtle and easy to miss unless you’re thinking about them.

One thing you could do, says, is to have a qualified Tulsa battery technician perform a load test to determine if it’s strong enough for cold weather starts. You can find a qualified Tulsa battery technician at Same Day Auto Repair. Same Day’s Tulsa battery techs can also help you once your battery fails.

Same Day is an AAA-approved auto repair facility. Same Day is the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma and has been for years. AAA members get a 10 percent discount on labor.

Same Day is the trusted locally owned service center for Tulsa batteries, tires, auto repair and auto care. Same Day has five conveniently located Tulsa auto care and auto repair centers to help you – BerryhillSheridanBixbySand Springs, and Southern Hills. For the best local Tulsa tire care, auto care and auto repair, call Same Day. Call today.

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