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Winter Travel | Sand Springs Auto Care

Before you set out on a winter road trip, make sure you consult a Sand Springs auto care technician like those at Same Day to make sure your car is ready. When most people think of road trips, they think of summer fun. If they think of winter road trips, they likely think of holiday…
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Seeing Dollar Signs | Tulsa Auto Repair

Don't let the cost of Tulsa auto repair keep you stranded. Ask one of Same Day's Tulsa auto repair specialists about our new payment options that can help you get back on the road. It's a cold, cold day with snow falling. You're looking forward to the end of the work day so you can…
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Payment options available for as low as $40!

That's right, Same Day is now offering payment options - with credit or no credit - with  payments starting as low as $40. The program is available for both car repairs and tires.

It's easy. Just talk with your Car Guy at the location you prefer and have them walk you through the three-minute process to get you set up or click JOIN HERE below next to your preferred location. They can explain the program in detail and show what options are available. They can also help you find the best program to fit your circumstances.

Pick your location and submit the info.

Sand Springs - JOIN HERE

Berryhill - JOIN HERE

Sheridan - JOIN HERE


Southern Hills - JOIN HERE

Claremore - JOIN HERE

(Note:  No payment options are guaranteed. Options are available for those who qualify. Credit checks are used for some lenders. Interest rates and down payments are subject to individual lending companies and are not reflective of SDAR Inc.)