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Get Away | Tulsa Tires

Whether you need new Tulsa tires, maintenance on your Tulsa tires, or repairs to your Tulsa tires, the Tulsa tire experts at Same Day can help you with that. This winter seems to have gone on endlessly. But the end is in sight and now's the time many people want to get out of town…
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Tires. Every car needs tires and there are so many to choose from. There are 100's of tire manufacturers with 100's of different types, sizes, tread design, terrain design and most importantly pricing. This is why Same Day Auto Repair has on site tire experts that can inspect your cars tire and make a recommendation based on your driving habits and budget. We are happy to speak with you in person or on the phone about your tire needs.

Call our store managers for some one on one tire advice or Order Online.

Berryhill Billy Stiles 918-925-9794
Bixby Dustin Garland 918-209-3621
Sand Springs Scott Orr 918-514-3192
Sheridan Joel Howard 918-948-8710
Southern Hills Frankie Martinez 918-992-6594

Time for a Change | Tulsa Tires

When it's time to change your winter Tulsa tires for summer Tulsa tires, you need the Tulsa tire specialists at Same Day. At long last, the weather here in Tulsa seems to be getting warmer. Thoughts are turning to all those fun things you can do when it's warm outside - from swimming to golfing…
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Driving Around | Sand Springs Tires

Whether you need new Sand Springs tires or Sand Springs tire maintenance, you need the Sand Springs tire experts at Same Day. This is the weekend that a lot of kids will be looking forward to a visit from the Easter bunny and to egg hunts. As any good egg hunter will tell you, it's…
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