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Steer Straight | Sand Springs Auto Repair

If your car is slow to respond when you turn the steering wheel, your power steering pump might need the help of a Sand Springs auto repair pro. You don’t want to miss your yoga class this evening. It’s a great way to relieve stress, which is always high on a Monday. And you’re especially…
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My Car Won’t Steer | Tulsa Auto Repair

When your car won’t steer and you need a Tulsa auto repair technician, see the Tulsa auto repair specialists at Same Day. It’s a nightmare few drivers consider: You’re driving the kids to the Tulsa Fairytale Ball when you lose control of your car. It simply won’t steer. You manage to safely stop the car…
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Straight Steering | Bixby Steering

When your Bixby steering breaks down, the Bixby steering experts at Same Day Auto Repair can help you. You were headed home from the Performing Arts Center's production of A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder when it happened - your car became really hard to steer. Sounds as if your power steering has failed.…
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