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“Tune Up” | Tulsa Auto Care

Whether you call it a tune up, or routine maintenance, when it’s time for Tulsa auto care, it’s time to see the Tulsa auto care pros at Same Day. You haven’t gone dancing in a long time but you’re planning to try Lindy in the Park. You figure you can pick it up again if…
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Efficient | Berryhill Auto Care

When you're looking for Berryhill auto care you can trust, call on the Berryhill auto care pros at Same Day. The good news is - Labor Day weekend is here. That means you probably have Monday off. The not-so-good news is that, according to, gas prices will spike this Labor Day weekend. "Gas prices…
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Summer’s End | Sand Springs Auto Care

Whether you need Sand Springs auto care for regular maintenance or to prepare for a long road trip, the Sand Springs auto care experts at Same Day are the folks to call. Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end. Oh, not officially, but with school starting in a little more than three…
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