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Springtime Car Care | Bixby Auto Care

Springtime is just around the corner and it’s time to get your car ready for summer. The Bixby auto care technicians at Same Day can help you with that. With the weather still a bit iffy, it may be hard to believe, but springtime is on its way. “Spring is one of the prime times…
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Take Care | Berryhill Auto Care

Preventive maintenance is important at any time, but it becomes more important as your car ages. The Berryhill auto care pros at Same Day can help you with that. You were headed home from the Roughnecks game last night. While you were driving, you were thinking how much you like your car and want to…
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Maintain Your Cool | Bixby Auto Care

The best way to avoid trouble with your auto air conditioner is to have the Bixby auto care pros at Same Day check it when you get them to change your oil and do regular maintenance. There’s no relief from the hot summer in Tulsa today. Forecasters have issued an excessive heat warning from noon…
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