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Now that the weather is cold, it's time to think about putting winter tires on your car. The Sand Springs tire experts at Same Day can help you with that.

Cold weather is here - at least during the nights and early mornings when Tulsa temperatures are predicted to drop into the 30s or even below before warming up during the day. But it's enough that officials from the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency are recommending that now's the time to get ready for winter weather: disconnect hoses, stockpile food and water, and make sure your car is ready by checking the battery, tires and other systems.

That's good advice - especially when it comes to your Sand Springs tires. You want to be sure your tires are up for snow, ice and low temperatures. If you have all-weather, or summer, tires on your car, you might want to consider switching to snow, or winter, tires now.

You might be skeptical about needing winter tires, or snow tires, and hesitate to change your tires. But that would be wrong, according to The simple truth, according to roadandtrack, is that you need them "if you live in an area where temperatures regularly dip below 45 degrees F in winter."

Roadandtrack explains that "the rubber compound in car tires is only formulated to work within a specific temperature range." When the temperature gets below that, the tire "gets very, very hard and very brittle, and it will start to crack. ... This, as you can imagine, is not ideal. Generally speaking, the rubber in summer tires is formulated to perform well at temperatures from 50 to over 100 degrees. Winter tires use different rubber formulations that stay soft below 50 degrees."

If you're still not sure whether you want to change your summer Sand Springs tires to winter Sand Springs tires or you're not sure which winter tires are best for you, then it's time to talk to the Sand Springs tire experts at Same Day Auto Repair.

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