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You've decided to forego that lunchtime exercise class so you can get a new set of tires for your car. You're way overdue for a set of new tires. You want to make it easy on yourself by buying a new set that's just like the old set so you've copied down the numbers on the side of the tire. While you were doing that, you glanced at the tires on your pickup truck and noticed a difference - the numbers on your car tires starts with a "P" while the numbers on your pickup truck's tires start with an "LT."

The letters and numbers on tires tell you a lot about them. In this case, the letters preceding the numbers tell you what kind of tire it is. P is for passenger vehicles. And LT is for light trucks.

But does it make a difference? Well, yes, the two tires are different, according to differencebetween.net.

"The tires of truck and passenger vehicles are different. The tires differ in their size and air pressure," differencebetween says. "If you want to carry heavier loads, or want to travel on harsh roads, then the best tires are the LT tires, as they are tougher on the roads than the P tires. If you just want to ride on the highways, and if there is nothing much to tow or carry, then the P type is the best choice."

Which of the two tires is better for you and your vehicle is a discussion you should have with the Berryhill tire experts at Same Day Auto Repair. The Berryhill tire experts will help you choose the tire that's right for you and your vehicle. Same Day carries all sizes, brands, and style of tire to fit any vehicle or driving style.

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