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When you need your Sand Springs brakes repaired or replaced, you need the Sand Springs brake experts at Same Day.

Sometimes it seems as if there's no end to the cold weather in Tulsa. You're more than ready for spring but it looks as if the winter cold is going to stick around for awhile more.

That means you have to remain vigilant about winter car care. Take your Sand Springs brakes, for example. Cold weather can cause problems for brakes. says the cold itself doesn't affect the mechanics of the brakes. But the slippery streets caused by ice, snow and freezing rain can be brutal on brakes.

"When a vehicle’s tires move over a slippery road it will cause its brakes to work more ineffectively. Aggressive driving conditions like these will eventually cause your brake pads to form cracks in them," says. "Once these cracks form, the dirt, water, and cold air from the outside will get into the cracks of your brake pads. Then these elements will find their way to your brake lines and ultimately impair the brakes."

The solution is to get your Sand Springs brakes checked at least every six months and to frequently change your brake pads. If you let your brake pads wear down, then you could hurt your rotors, which cost a lot to replace. So for the sake of safety and your wallet, you should take your car to the Sand Springs brake experts at Same Day Auto Repair for care and replacement.

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