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When it's time for new Berryhill tires, you should consult the experts in Berryhill tires at Same Day.

You're planning on taking the kids to Storytime in the Garden today. You always enjoy being out and about with your children and, although they can be frustrating at times, you're not looking forward to their growing older and eventually leaving home.

Your children aren't the only ones getting older. So are your car and its tires. And even though your Berryhill tires might appear to be in great shape, you need to keep an eye on them as they age. has this to say about the "perils of driving on aging tires - including those that have never spent a day on the road."

"For years, people have relied on a tire's tread depth to determine its condition. But the rubber compounds in a tire deteriorate with time, regardless of the condition of the tread. An old tire poses a safety hazard," Edmunds says.

Edmunds adds, "For some people, old tires might never be an issue. If you drive a typical number of miles, somewhere around 12,000-15,000 miles annually, a tire's tread will wear out in three to four years, long before the rubber compound does. But if you only drive 6,000 miles a year, or have a car that you only drive on weekends, aging tires could be an issue. The age warning also applies to spare tires and 'new' tires that have never been used but are old."

Whether you need to replace your Berryhill tires because they're worn or because they're simply old, the best folks to consult are the pros for Berryhill tires at Same Day Auto Repair. Same Day has all makes, sizes and style of tire to fit any car, driving style, or need.

Same Day is an AAA-approved auto repair facility. Same Day is the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma and has been for years. AAA members get a 10 percent discount on labor.

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