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You were headed to Cirque du Soleil when one of your tires went flat. You are one of the lucky ones because you have a spare and you managed to get the tire changed and make it to the show on time.

But now you're driving on three regular tires and a spare. You know you either need to get the flat fixed, or get a new tire if the thing can't be fixed. Thing is, you don't have a lot of time right now to shop for tires. And you're wondering, just how long you can drive on a spare.

Well, that depends on your spare, says.

If you have one of the so-called doughnut or space-saver tires, then not very far.

Because "they’re smaller and more compact, they’re missing out on two key aspects of a regular tire: durability and stability," says. "Most of these spare tires have a limited top speed of 55 mph. You can expect to get about 50 miles on a spare tire like this, and some are rated up to 70 miles. That should be enough for you to find a mechanic who can patch up your flat, or a tire shop where you can replace the punctured tire."

If you have a full-size spare, then you have a bit longer.

"These should be able to last you much longer than the doughnut, or space-saver types of tires," according to "However, they may use a different tread make-up or a different kind of rubber compound than the rest of your tires. This can affect overall handling and safety on the road. While they are more durable, these kind of spare tires are designed to help you get to your destination before you have to deal with your flat tire."

Either way, you need to see the Tulsa tire pros at Same Day Auto Repair soon. Really soon.

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