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Bixby battery problems? Call the Bixby battery authorities at Same Day for help.

You've spent weeks making sure you were ready for the Runway Run 5K this morning. But, you forgot to make sure your car was also ready. When you tried to start it, all you got was Classic sign of a dead battery.

It's not surprising that you might have battery problems. reports that, "Dead or dying batteries are always the biggest reasons for the tremendous surge in roadside assistance calls during a cold snap. Adding to battery woes – those always-on electronic devices and smart phones plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket" or other outlets.

According to, AAA has this to say about batteries and cold weather: "When temperatures plummet, automotive failures skyrocket. Calls for battery jump starts and assistance with frozen locks are the top ranked reasons for calls to AAA. ... In frigid weather like this, weak car batteries are the first to go, so it's worth having your battery checked – and if you've postponed vehicle maintenance, now is the time to take care of it."

The article adds, "While three to five years is a typical life span [of a battery], various internal and environmental conditions impact a battery's long term health. Periodic inspection, testing, and cleaning are suggested and monitoring the use of accessories and electronic devices when your car is not running can help maximize its longevity. When your car is not running, the battery continues to supply power to the clock, the anti-theft system, and the other conveniences in modern cars. Accessories, like smartphones and tablets, can add to the drain."

If you're having trouble with your Bixby battery, the best folks to consult for Bixby battery and auto care are the certified experts at Same Day. Same Day is an AAA-approved auto repair facility. Same Day is the No. 1 AAA-approved auto repair service center in Oklahoma and has been for years. AAA members get a 10 percent discount on labor.

Same Day is the trusted locally owned service center for Bixby battery and auto repairs. Same Day has five conveniently located Tulsa battery and auto care centers to help you - Berryhill, SheridanBixbySand Springs, and Southern Hills. For the best local Bixby battery and auto care, call Same Day. Call today.


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