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It's something you never want to happen. You're on your way to work or a fun event like Lindy in the Park and suddenly, you hear a pop, one side of your car drops down, and your car becomes hard to control. 

You've just suffered a blow out.

If it’s a front tire, you’ll hear a flapping sound, and the steering wheel could jerk from your hands, GEICO Insurance says. A back tire may be less dramatic, but both situations should be handled the same.

The last thing you want to do is jam on the brakes, especially in traffic. The goal is to gain control of the vehicle as it continues to move and to get it away from traffic. Your best bet is signaling for a lane change and easing your foot off the gas pedal while steering to the side of the road as quickly and as smoothly as you can. Turn on your hazards, and once the car is safely off the road, call for help, GEICO says.

While you're catching your breath, you may be wondering why your tire blew. GEICO says it's likely to be one of the top five causes under-inflation, overload, uneven tread wear, damage, and defects.

The best prevention? Tire care.

A good first step is to check tire pressure, using a tire gauge, just as often as you check your oil or washer fluid—preferably once a month, GEICO says. And it never hurts to do a visual check before you get in the car not to mention a monthly check of your tread wear.

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