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Here’s to Long Life for Your Tires | Tulsa Auto Care

Tires are one of the most important items on your car. You can make them last longer with regular Tulsa tire care. When you started your car after the Oilers game last night, the tire pressure warning light came on and didn’t go off. You hope it doesn’t mean that you have a leak because…
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Driving on Empty | Sand Springs Auto Care

Driving when your gas gauge hits empty not only risks being stranded, it can also cause damage that will have you searching for a Sand Springs auto care technician. You were headed home after the dog show when you noticed your gas gauge was on “empty.” With the kids screaming for dinner you decided not…
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Safe Commuting | Bixby Auto Care

The Bixby auto care pros at Same Day can help ensure that your car is in safe condition for your daily commute. You’re driving to work this morning with one part of your mind on the road and traffic and the other on tonight’s ORU game. You’re not the only motorist thinking of something other…
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Time for an Oil Change | Berryhill Auto Care

When it’s time for an oil change, see the Berryhill auto care experts at Same Day. You were driving home from the Oilers game last night when it occurred to you that you haven’t had your oil changed in a while. You’re not sure how long, because you’re not great at keeping with such things…
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