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Hot Air | Tulsa Auto Repair

When you need a certified Tulsa auto repair pro because your auto air isn’t working, call the reliable Tulsa auto repair specialists at Same Day. You’re planning a Father’s Day trip to the Cowboy Museum to see the Horseplay exhibit. But you’re not looking forward to it. Not because you don’t want to see the…
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New Tires? Again? | Sand Springs Tires

When you need new Sand Springs tires, see the Sand Springs tire specialists at Same Day. You were on your way home from the Tulsa Balloon Festival yesterday when your tire pressure light came on. Once you got home, you took a look at your tires and saw that the tread seemed to be wearing.…
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Blink, Blink | Berryhill Auto Repair

When your check engine light is blinking at you, you need a Berryhill auto repair pro like the Berryhill auto repair pros at Same Day. You were headed back from Food Truck Wednesday with a full stomach when you noticed your check engine light had come on. Not only had it come on, it was…
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Stopping Power | Bixby Auto Repair

If your brakes aren’t working and you need a Bixby auto repair expert, call the Bixby auto repair technicians at Same Day. You were coming back from the Tulsa Tough races when you noticed it. You pressed on the brake pedal and everything seemed okay, then the brake pedal started sinking. Because it didn’t seem…
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