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Click, Click, Click | Bixby Battery

When you need a Bixby battery, you should call the Bixby battery specialists at Same Day.  You know the drill. You're headed to the Arvest Winterfest. You dash out to your car, turn the key and ... click, click, click. Your car won't start. Your Bixby battery is dead.  Not surprising in cold weather. "Dead…
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Be Prepared | Sand Springs Auto Care

Whether you're hitting the road for the holidays or hanging around Tulsa for all the events, consult the Sand Springs auto care pros at Same Day to make sure your car is ready when you need it. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are some of the biggest times for travel with thousands of people hitting…
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Holiday Travel | Berryhill Auto Care

If you're going to be on the road during the holidays, be sure you've had a Berryhill auto care expert at Same Day check your car out so it's ready for the trip. The winter holidays are some of the busiest times for travel. Not only that, they're also some of the most hazardous times…
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Snow Ahead | Tulsa Auto Care

Your car needs special attention in cold weather. Talk to the Tulsa auto care pros at Same Day to make sure your car gets the Tulsa auto care it needs. Winter is really setting in with forecasters calling for possible snow by the end of next week. Now's the time to take some time from…
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