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Tire Time | Bixby Tires

When it’s time to replace your Bixby tires, check with the Bixby tire specialists at Same Day. You’re planning to head to the Vintage Tulsa antique show today. That sounds like a great low-tech way to have some fun, but be careful on the roads. Between freezing rain, snow and ice, driving can be hazardous.…
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Be Prepared | Sand Springs Auto Care

If your car needs a Sand Springs auto care pro to help it get through the cold winter, call the Sand Springs auto care specialists at Same Day. You'd much rather stay home where it's warm and sip hot chocolate, or something stronger, but you're going to venture into the weather for the Girls State Wrestling…
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Tips for Cold Weather Car Care | Tulsa Auto Care

When your car can't handle the cold weather, call the Tulsa auto care pros at Same Day for help. With Valentine's Day tomorrow, many people are looking for something special to do. But that can be hard when it's so cold that all you want to do is stay inside where it's warm. But we…
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Routine | Berryhill Auto Care

Routine maintenance is important at all times of the year. When you need routine Berryhill auto care, see the Berryhill auto care technicians at Same Day. You’ve decided to break out of your daily routine of kids, school, job, home, sleep and take the kids to Snooz-a-pa-ZOO-za at the Tulsa Zoo. It sounds like a…
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